1. How can I know if your quality is ok?
First of all, all our products have passed strict tests including CE/FCC/RoHS by internationally recognized test lab.
Secondlly, most of our items have been sold to some big customers like Tchibo in Germany and Hammacher in USA. Quality have been well proven by them.
Thirdly, we suggest cusotmer to buy a sample to test the quality beofre going to commercial orders.

2. Do you have any distributor in USA or Europe so that I can buy a sample easily there?
So far we do not have any distributor in those regions. If you need our products, please buy directly from us.

3. Do you provide ODM/OEM services?
Yes, actually we are very proud of our ODM/OEM ability since our R&D team is very strong.

4. How do you ensure a lead time?
First of all, when we discuss an order, we will consider all factors including materials preparation time, production capacity etc to work out a reasonable and realizable lead time. Once the lead time is mutally agreed, we will make sure that it can met.
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