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Since its establishment in 2007, Winmax has been dedicated to high quality display products including field monitor, car monitor, LCD digital microscope, film scanner, portable scanner etc. With a professional research and development team consisting of professional designers of electronics circuits, firmware, cosmetic, tooling etc, following the latest market trends and needs, Winmax is constantly release innovative products to worldwide clien...
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Why Cooperate with Winmax?
Strict Quality Control
Winmax has always attached great improtance to quality control since we know that qualiy is of  vital importance to the sustainable development of our company. We have a well-trained professional quality control team who carrys out the strictest quality control methods from raw materials incoming, online inspection, out inspection and QA.
Ensured Warranty
As a company of responsibility, we offer at least 1-year manufacturer warranty for all items we make. For items with problem, we can provide multiple solutions, including online software update, sending spare parts, or instructions by live video clips. So customers can rest assured of after-sales issues when buying from Winmax.
Excellent Customer Service
Our professional sales team (supported by our professional technical team) is always ready to serve your needs. We can offer you a whole solution covering artwork design, pre-produciton sample, shipping arrangment, after-sales services etc.
Constant Development
We are constantly developing new products to our clients. Every month we will release 1-2 new items so that both of us can have solid mutual development. Furthermore, we are good at ODM. We welcome you to give us your idea or design, and we can make perfect products for you.
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